An NFT of this caliber requires a truly amazing set of bonuses!
We've got a half a dozen of them for you...

Backstage access

First, you'll be invited backstage to attend one of Idris' upcoming celebrity photoshoots. Meet the star and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.

NIGHT at the goldstein estate

Second, enjoy a night out at the world famous, Beverly Hills Goldstein Estate. Rub elbows with the beautiful people thanks to invitations for 2 to a celebrity party at this iconic house.

custom photoshoot

Third, Idris will personally do a custom photo shoot for you, your brand or your family!

NFT launch party access

Fourth, tickets for 2 to our official Legend NFT's launch party in NYC this summer. 

custom metal dreamcard

Fifth, we'll engrave a custom metal dreamcard (checkout dreamcard.cc) with your NFT image so that you can show it off every time you make a purchase.

exclusive swag box

Last, but definitely not least, we'll be shipping you one of our highly sought-after, deluxe swag boxes with all kinds of exclusive Legend NFT items.