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The Gabriel di Sante Collection


We are proud to present as our third collection of NFTs: a selection of celebrity photos shot by the amazing photographer Gabriel di Sante.
This exclusive collection of four images includes Daniel Radcliffe, Maluma, Rosalía and Ziggy Marley!




The Chosen One

Shot September 24th, 2019 during the Toronto International Film Festival, one of the biggest annual events for actors, actresses anywhere. The image was taken during a private session for the "Guns Akimbo" movie premiere.

"I couldn't believe after so many years of being a fan I was finally working with the real Harry Potter. The energy that Daniel radiated was indescribable, yet the image lets me relive it every time I look at it and every time I see him on the screen.

After working with many huge celebrities for several years I couldn't believe how humble Daniel was and how he was nervous and shaking hands when we were about to start the session - almost like I was the celebrity!

This just showed me how humble Daniel is. Was for sure the best experience I've ever had working with celebrities."



As a Latino I was super excited when I got the word that I would be shooting the Maluma 11:11 Tour. Often I don't even now some of the artists I work with or what they do, but in this case I absolutely knew about his music and his incredible tour.

The show was just unbelievable: the lights, the energy and the environment was phenomenal. You could feel it in the fans waiting for him to take the stage.

I remember before starting the show he introduced himself. We talked a bit about my work and my background and he showed authentic interest. Such a great person - humble and full of good vibes!

I truly believe that, more than just for his amazing work and music, fans love him for who he is. Despite being a world famous artist, he never forgets where he comes from, and I think he never will.


Con altura

It was an incredibly special night. I got an unexpected message from Rosalía's team early in the morning asking me to cover her show at The Rebel venue in Toronto later that night.

As I was arriving at the address they sent me, Rosalía herself came walking down the street with her incredible energy and Spanish accent shouted "A darle caña!!"

That means in English let's do it!!

Then we both laughed and she got ready to start the show.

To be honest I didn't know her or what type of music she makes at the time. A few weeks earlier I had heard a song called "Con Altura" with J. Balvin, so I thought she was another reggaeton singer.

But when she took the stage and started singing her Spanish songs, I fell in love with her voice and style. What an incredible artist and human being!

Ziggy Marley


They say that the Rastaman energy is something truly unique in the universe, and I can attest that this is true. 

A rebellious message was definitely sent with every deep lyric of this great album that put on the table many social issues that are affecting people from all around the world.

I have to say was it was both touching and exhilarating at the same time!

Shooting this legend was, without a doubt, one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. 

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