Our world-renowned creators capture unique, unforgettable moments which we immortalize on the blockchain and bring to you as cutting edge NFTs.

Example image by Gabriel di Sante. Not for sale as an NFT.


Our marketplace that provides unique, limited edition, original celebrity NFTs bundled with amazing swag. We convert each offering into an immutable digital collectors' item that is eternally registered on the ethereum blockchain and stored on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS).

Example image by Idris Erba. Not for sale as an NFT.


Celebrity photographer and curator of legends.

We are proud to present as our first collection of NFTs a selection of Idris Erba's finest images.
This exclusive collection of five images includes images of Cristiano Ronaldo, Jamie Foxx, Floyd Mayweather and other A-list celebrities . Each NFT comes with a unique and exciting swag gift bag!


3 Amazing Hip Hop Artists

We are celebrating the amazing lives and works of 3 Hip Hop Legends: Jim Jones, Bizzy Banks and KayCyy. Each of these 6 stunning 3D NFTs comes with 2 VIP backstage passes (including meet & greet with selfies) to upcoming concerts! Click below to learn more.

Example image by Gabriel di Sante. Not for sale as an NFT.


Celebrity and Fashion Photographer

Gabriel Di Sante is a professional photographer with more than 9 (nine) years of international experience. His work has been published in magazines like Vogue Italia, Institute magazine, Dark beauty magazine and many more. Some of his clients include Daniel Radcliffe, Lebron James, Sean Paul and Maluma.


Not all NFTs are made alike.

To have lasting value, an NFT must combine unique, compelling content with solid, well designed blockchain technology. All our NFTs are exclusively crafted by our creators, and we never store NFT meta-data or images on centralized servers.


All our NFTs are uniquely designed by our world-renowned team of creators exclusively for our legendary NFTs.


Our premium celebrity-endorsed NFTs are packaged with gift bags bulging with online and physical bonuses.

Ironclad Technology

ERC721 NFT tokens deployed on the Ethereum blockchain with all meta-data and images stored on the IPFS.


We believe that the only way to deliver on our "Forever Yours" commitment is by building on ironclad technology. If you'd like to get a more complete understanding, please download our white paper.

Brought to you by image protect

We create NFTs that capture and preserve impactful moments in time that will be yours for a thousand years. We feel, it's critical to combine state of the art technology with remarkable content that stands the test of time and provides the investor inevitable gain. Our NFTs can be passed from generation to generation. Legend NFTs is a wholly owned subsidiary of Image Protect, Inc (IMTL)


What is an NFT?

NFTs, or non fungible tokens, are digital assets that are registered on a blockchain. They are used to represent digital scarcity, ownership of an asset or even a right like voting rights. In recent months they have become immensely popular as online digital collectibles.

NFTs may represent digital items (such as unique virtual objects), physical property (such as real estate), natural resources & energy (such as oil) or even financial instruments for things like stocks and bonds. By contrast, fungible tokens such as Bitcoin or Ether don't have any distinguishing features.

NFT collectibles can be anything from unique one-off works of art, to limited edition baseball cards, stamps, songs or any other unique piece of content. Our project is dedicated to offering unique celebrity images created in collaboration with the celebrity in question.

How do I receive my NFT?

When you purchase one of our NFTs through the OpenSea platform or through our website, you will automatically receive the NFT in your associated Metamask wallet address.

What is metamask? How does it work?

Metamask is a chrome extension that allows you to interact with smart contracts on the Ethereum network. It can be used as a browser to access and interface with the Ethereum blockchain.

Metamask provides a very user friendly interface for storing Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens and handling transactions. It also works with major hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger. Metamask is tightly integrated with the OpenSea NFT platform that we use, making it the recommended choice for managing our NFTs.

You can download Metamask from the Chrome Extension website here.

Can I resell my NFT?

Yes, absolutely. Because our NFTs are completely compatible with the OpenSea platform, you can easily resell them there at any time.

Can I transfer ownership of my NFT?

Yes. All of our NFTs follow the industry standard ERC721 standard which means that they can be transfered to and between any standard Ethereum wallet.

What is the "pulling out the rug" problem?

Because of the high cost of permanently storing data on a distributed blockchain, NFTs do not actually store the assets that they represent. In reality, the blockchain-based NFT is more like a property deed that includes a link to the data of the actual digital asset.

This can create a problem known as the pulling out the rug problem.

Imagine that you purchase an NFT including the image of your favorite celebrity shaking hands next to Nikola Tesla's coil with Beyoncé while standing under Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. As a fan of all four, you pay a hefty sum and proudly receive your NFT in your wallet.

This token, immutably stored on the Ethereum blockchain, proves that you are the legitimate owner of the four-way remarkable image. It includes a link to a file that includes some metadata about the image and a link to the actual image.

In many cases, this file and the actual link to the image are stored on a web server owned by the NFT creator. Perhaps it is stored on a Google drive or on an Amazon S3 server. This opens the door to many potential vulnerabilities.

What would happen if the NFT creator changes the actual image file stored on their server for one of his granddaughter's 4th birthday party? Suddenly, your expensive NFT would be pointing to a cute, snaggle-toothed toddler in a pink dress. This is called "pulling the rug" on the NFT.

Also, what happens if the company that created the NFT goes under and stops paying for their Google drive account? Or what if in twenty years Amazon closes down its S3 service?

We solve this problem by storing all NFT data on the decentralized IPFS.

What is the IPFS and why is it important?

Since an NFT is by definition an immutable digital asset, it behooves creators to implement solutions to account for obvious vulnerabilities such as the pulling the rug problem. Legend NFTs celebrity NFTs solve this problem by relying on a decentralized, immutable data storage system called IPFS.

IPFS is a decentralized storage system. It is a peer-to-peer web protocol that distributes data throughout the world, and it cannot be removed from the internet.

Users can browse their IPFS node through any computer on earth by entering its public address into an open browser window.

The benefit of this system for Legend NFTs is threefold: First, it ensures that owners of Legend celebrity NFTs have access to all images at all times; second, because there are so many nodes around the world with copies of these images distributed across them, they will never go down due to a localized virus or attack; and third because files stored on the IPFS cannot be modified without changing their URLs.

Thus, Legend celebrity NFTs guarantee that the purchaser will never be affected by the pulling the rug problem.

The IPFS does not, however, guarantee that every file will be stored forever. Data storage costs money. For a file to be preserved on the peer-to-peer network at least one server needs to flag the file as important. This is called "pinning". Fortunately, any node on the network can pin any file that it wishes.

LegendNFTs provides all of its NFT purchasers with a 100 year data storage warranty. We guarantee that all of our NFT images and metadata files will be pinned on a minimum of 5 separate IPFS nodes in different geographies for at least 100 years.

How do we distribute bonus materials?

To protect you LegendNFTs has developed a unique protocol for distributing all of our bonus materials. Download our technical white paper here for more details.